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Diet For Your Dog – Consider His Lifestyle

The food you give to your dog bears a direct relation to not just his overall health but also his happiness. Dogs and humans share a number of similarities regarding diet and essential nutrients. Just like humans, dogs are also omnivores. They need a healthy and balanced combination of vegetables and meat in their daily diet. This means that a dog’s diet must include proteins, vitamins, fats, minerals and carbohydrates in the right amount to become healthy. Apart from diet, water is indispensable not only to keep us alive but also to help our body function properly.

Just as food requirements of human beings differ according to their age, shape, size and lifestyle; similarly, dogs too, need food according to their lifestyle, age and size. So, the dietary requirements of a sheep dog will be entirely different than that of a Chihuahua living in a home. A growing puppy will require different nutrition as compared to an aging dog. In the same way, the dietary needs of a male dog will be different from the dietary requirements of a pregnant bitch. The puppies of a bitch will need more nutrients to help them become strong and healthy. Hence, it becomes really important to determine the type of food required by your pet by keeping his breed, age, size and his lifestyle.

Another important thing to be considered is that you should never overfeed your puppy. Your puppy’s diet depends not just on factors like age, energy level and bone structure but also on the quality of the food given to him. Many dog owners give their pets lots of fatty meals to eat. This will not do any good to your dog. On the contrary, it will only harm your pet. Your dog will become obese and will become vulnerable to a number of illnesses including diabetes.

These days, one can get different types of dog foods available in the market. Most of the pet foods available in the stores have the appropriate combination of nutrients required by your dog. However, it is recommended to check various ingredients of the pet food before buying them to ensure that your dog’s diet is well-balanced.

Do not go for cheap brands of pet foods for your dog. Go for buying high-quality protein food because it is easily digestible by your dog. Make it a point to feed him two times a day. This will encourage healthy food habits in your dog and make him stay fit and healthy.