Marketing Your Book Offline

Most authors today recognise the benefits of using social media to raise their profile and promote their books. In fact readers expect you to have a Facebook fan page, tweet regularly, email newsletters, blog, guest blog, have a webpage and, oh yes, write more books.

Whilst having a social media presence is important do not forget the benefits of getting out there and meeting potential readers in person. There are huge opportunities to do this if you are prepared to do a bit of ground work and market your event.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Run a workshop at your local library – this could be a reading or you might suggest some other type of event related to the content of your book, for example if you book is set in Victorian times you might give a presentation about an aspect of Victorian life. You could choose to do something practical, perhaps making a Victorian styled hat; this will engage potential readers and raise awareness of you and your books.

Run a workshop at the local school – if you have written a children’s book then consider offering to run an activity at a school. Perhaps the children could act out a scene from your book, or maybe you could run a session on writing a short story. You could even collate the stories and self-publish them for the children, or their parents, to purchase.

Do a book signing at your local bookshop – as a local author your bookshop will be only too happy to accommodate you. Do some marketing to ensure the event is a success; also consider offering “something extra” to those who come along and buy a book.

Be interviewed on local radio – local celebrities who are happy to talk about their work, their book and their interests appeal to local listeners.

Be a guest speaker for a local group – if you can talk with enthusiasm about a subject related to your book – perhaps the topic itself, the location, or some character trait then there will be many groups happy to have you as a speaker. You may even get paid! In any case you can take along copies of your book to sell.

Now you will have noticed that these ideas are local (to you), that’s because the very fact you are a local writer makes you interesting. However, run a great event and your new fans will recommend you to other groups, bookshops and schools outside of your local area. Before you know it you will be in demand and, if you are in demand, your book will be in demand.

Get out there, meet your readers, and sell more books.

Top Advantages of Offline Marketing

The recent trends online have resulted in many people thinking of offline marketing as weak and ineffective. However, this has not stopped companies like Yahoo! Answers,, and from advertising offline more than online. Regardless of the fact that marketing online is far cheaper than promoting offline, offline marketing and advertising still reaches a large number of people who trust offline ads more than they do online ads.

This is not to say that online ads do not have its own advantages; it sure has! But anyone willing to explore offline marketing has to know what he will be getting and has to be sure that it will work. Offline marketing includes, radio ads, TV ads, newsprint ads, out of home marketing methods such as flyers and bill boards and has quite a few advantages over any other means of advertising.

Increasing Brand Awareness

For some reason, we all seem to respect brands that we see more on TV and hear about on radio than over the internet. There is something cold and impersonal over the internet and the increasing number of scam sites has not helped this matter at all. Most people are trust offline ads more and are more comfortable with buying products that have their ads offline because they get to see the people are actually dealing with in different instances and in the rare occasion that there is a fraud, they can easily reach the TV or radio station to confirm the marketer or brand and reach them. Yahoo! Answers used this method recently to increase its visitors and had a ton of people signing up immediately after that. Others like have experienced tremendous increase in the number of signing up on the website.

Increasing Market Reach

Contrary to what many authority websites online would have you believe about people watching less TV and spending more time on the internet, truth is there are still billions of people who do not even have access to the internet and for those who do, it’s probably just for the sake of checking their emails, keeping in touch and research. Anything else is a time waster. People like this still listen to radios, attend yard sales, go to auctions and see bill board ads.

So, the market reach is still huge and phenomenal. In fact, you could reach much more people offline than you would online. As much as people hate to read ads offline, the truth is if the ads are different and very catchy, then you are very likely to get a lot of results. This will in effect increase your subscriber base, widen your market reach and put your products, services and company on peoples’ lips.

Since the ultimate aim of advertising is to make profits, a well timed ad can make you more money than weeks or months of advertising online. So, make use of the benefits of offline marketing in increasing your brand popularity, increasing your market reach and visibility and making more profits.

The Definition of Offline Marketing and How You Can Use It to Enhance Your Online Presence

Offline Marketing in a Nutshell

The definition of offline marketing isn’t difficult to grasp, since it’s the very same marketing strategy that was traditionally used before online marketing came into widespread use. Before online marketing monopolized the marketing landscape, becoming the primary means most businesses use to promote their products and services, traditional marketing methods were far more prominent and were, in fact, in exclusive use for gaining the attention of the buying public.

Any complete definition of offline marketing would have to include the concept of print-based media. Publications such as magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and brochures, and other types of print media, including letters, postcards, and business cards, have all been widely used to market products. Additionally, the traditional definition of offline marketing typically includes radio, TV, and recordable media such as audio and videotape. In-person encounters, including one-on-one meetings and group presentations such as lectures, seminars, and workshops, also round out the common definition of offline marketing.

Marketing Has Changed

Most of the conventional marketing campaigns we’ve been discussing, which fit the classic definition of offline marketing, carried a hefty price tag – and still do. However, today, they no longer hold the monopoly they once did. They now compete with – or even complement – new media methods. At one time, such offline campaigns were considered one of the inevitable expenses of doing business. But, with the advent of the Internet and today’s extensive line of high-powered digital devices, marketing has changed significantly.

While the overall definition of offline marketing has remained the same and its importance has certainly not diminished, its influence has shifted and its function has changed, opening the way for a whole new era of direct marketing strategies.

Today’s Marketing Requires More

Recently, the old-school definition of offline marketing as a stand-alone strategy – in comparison to the brighter promise of online marketing – has left the offline version the clear runner-up in the marketing race. And while traditional marketing methods haven’t been totally replaced by online methods, they now serve a subordinate role. Whereas, at one time they were the whole story, today they serve to complement, supplement, and/or reinforce online methods by leading prospects to a business’s website or social media fan page.

In short, online methods are the obvious winners in terms of convenience, cost, and reach, yet they clearly benefit when a well thought-out traditional marketing plan is run simultaneously. Because some online marketing methods, such as e-mail and social media, are completely free, they are some of the most cost-effective marketing methods you’ll find! And you can learn to use these and other Internet marketing media effectively.

New Media Marketing Can Be Learned


There are many ways to ensure that your online presence is reflected in your offline marketing efforts. Many marketers are learning these processes and implementing them into their own businesses to ensure maximum profits. However, it can be quire confusing in the beginning if you don’t know what you are doing. Which is why I created a free report to get you started in the right foot.

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