Second Chance For Felons – Make Money With MLM

If you are a felon looking for a second chance to get on in life, what are the options open to you? It is well known that jobs for convicted felons are not easy to come by, but everyone deserves the opportunity to put the past behind them and strive for something better. One of the best ways to achieve this is to start your own business in multi-level marketing. In this article, check out if you can make money with MLM.

MLM is short for multi-level marketing and includes names such as Avon, Tupperware, Herbalife, Amway, Pampered Chef, Xango and Gourmet Coffee. Don’t worry, there are other choices. The important thing is to find a product that you are comfortable with and can endorse happily within an inch of your life!

Endorsing an MLM product means that you buy it and find a way to encourage others to buy, usually with the party-plan method. In the process, you recruit others to join you and earn commission from not only your own sales, but also those of your ‘team’.

It certainly isn’t a get-rich-quick option, but if you approach your business with hard work and treat it like a real job, you have the chance to build a successful home based business. So, what will help you make money with MLM?

1) Money! There will be an initial cost to join and buy the MLM goods, plus you will need to add to your products, find new business, make phone calls, travel by car for collection and delivery, and learn how to become a good sales person and find other ways to promote your product (training).

2) The right opportunity. Research until you are happy with a product that gives you a buzz and makes you want to get out of bed in the morning (otherwise you won’t!)

3) Decide if it is a luxury item or something that people can buy on a regular basis

4) Decide if the products are affordable and popular.

Don’t forget to check out the MLM company history and growth before you join. Are finances solid and secure? Are there other competitors in your area, or is it a unique opportunity for you?

What else will help you make money with MLM? Well, are you prepared to invest a good amount of your time into growing and practicing your business? You will most like need at least six months to build the business up, so don’t expect huge results for a while.

People who make serious money with MLM products invest a lot of their time and efforts in recruiting and leading their team, since this is where the ‘passive income’ originates. If they do well, you do even better. It is essential to be a people person, but there is another way too.

It is possible to promote your MLM product online and many successful business owners have found out how they can market their business using different strategies. Check out one internet centre that teaches over 50 ways to make money using online and offline methods. I hope my review ‘second chance for felons, make money with MLM’ – has been helpful.

Offline MLM Marketing Strategies – Offline Tools That Will Boost Your MLM Sponsoring Success

Offline MLM marketing strategies are just as important as online marketing when it comes to building your business. If you think the arrival of the internet has consigned ALL traditional methods of promoting your MLM business to the dustbin, think again. In fact, if you haven’t been employing certain offline tools in your marketing efforts, then you have been leaving a lot of money on the table.

Yes, the internet is a faster method for reaching your audience-especially if yours is a global audience; it is also generally more cost-effective in terms of advert costs and targeting. So it’s OK for you to maximize the potentials of the World Wide Web.

But don’t be carried away. Consider the following facts In terms of credibility nothing beats a good old face-to-face discussion! Despite all its pluses, the internet remains a faceless entity that still leaves a lot of people apprehensive on the whole. Scientists have observed that over 90% of communication is non-verbal. Facial expressions, hand gestures, mannerisms, even the way you’re sitting all go a long way in creating an impression.

Try doing any of that online! So for a network marketer especially, impressing and convincing prospects would be a lot easier offline than online. It’s also much more convenient to take up customers questions real-time and provide live answers. Yes, this can be done through blogging, but you can’t beat the impact of a live discussion. So why not occasionally arrange to meet with some of the people responding to your marketing campaigns-even if this sometimes involves a bit of travel?

Actually, quite a number of online network marketers are realizing that certain offline tools can be effectively utilized to not only generate leads, but most especially to convert leads-recruiting. Consider how you can use the following offline tools to grow your MLM.

Seminars and workshops: Occasionally organize training and orientation courses for newly recruited members or those about to join your MLM opportunity. Invite interested persons to seminars where a member of your upline (or any other MLM expert) would be present to explain things better if you feel that you have not gotten your message across to your prospect.

Phone calls: Randomly call on members of your email list, and then zero in on those who evince appreciable level of interest. Hold meetings: Arrange to meet with interested persons on a one-on-one basis so you could better explain your business opportunity to them and also address their doubts a face to face meeting is always good when possible.

Use Drop cards: This is one huge offline marketing strategy that you can use to generate free leads and build your MLM. Drop cards are unique types of business cards. There’s even a special variety of it that comes in dollar denominations-$1, $2, $20, $50, $100. They look every bit like the real dollar notes, and they are great attention-getters. These cards are fantastic marketing, sales, and lead generation tools.

I suggest you get a wide selection of them and promote your business with them. Their realistic appearance ensures that they’ll not only attract attention, but whoever gets them is likely to want to keep it and show to friends. How else do you generate leads!

Leave some of them behind after sitting in a public place or while in a crowded area. You can also specifically plan to place a specific number of drop cards around town – 10, 20, 50, or 100 in a day. You can safely expect to see messages in your voice mail or inbox soon thereafter.

Are we saying that online tools are worthless? Far from it. They do have their place. For one thing, the internet is an unbeatable tool for pulling a large bulk of traffic (how we wish all these leads can be brought under one roof somewhere around town for a face to face discussion!). Well, the idea is that your network marketing will be the better for it if you can find a way to supplement your online efforts with certain offline resources.

Offline MLM Technique: Pique Your Prospect’s Interest Properly to Duplicate Your Efforts

As much as we would like to believe we can build our businesses just by pushing your website online and creating a couple marketing campaigns, the fact is that at some point you will have to employ offline methods as well. That means actually Using the telephone and talking with our potential business partners. This is where your traditional MLM and/or sales training can make or break your results. It can make you wealthy IF you are skillful at communicating and connecting with your prospect. It WILL break your business if you are not. I author a series of training materials to get you proficient (notice I said proficient, not expert…expertise comes with practice, practice, and more practice) at various skills so that you can be confident in your ability to build rapport with your potential partners, and properly train new distributors.

The subject for today is called “The Pique & Pass”. This means that we trigger an interest (pique) and immediately pass the interested person to one of many sources of information. Now, the number 1 reason most FAIL to do this properly is due to the desire to want to keep talking. Maybe you’ve heard the term “verbal vomit”? That’s when we assault our prospect with fact after fact after fact about the various benefits of our company, compensation plan, products etc. Remember, one of the top reasons people say no to our opportunity is the old “I don’t have enough time” excuse. So the whole goal is to keep the pique to 45 seconds or less. By doing so we remove the “time” objection. So the longer you talk, the more likely it is that your prospects are going to think they can’t do what you’re doing.

Ready for a horrendous statistic? For every question YOU personally answer (to your warm market) you decrease the chances of them joining your downline by 25 percent. That should hit you like a ton of bricks. So if you answer one question, there’s a 75 percent chance of them joining. Answer two, there’s a 50 percent chance of joining, etc. Let’s just stop there because if you answer more than two questions you can pretty much guarantee your prospect wont join. So don’t do it! Resist the desire to verbal vomit by any and at all cost! Remember, it’s called “pique and pass”, not pique and handle objections, not pique and present, not pique and enroll, etc. Just get them interested and pass them to someone (or something) else.

Now, how do you know they have been piqued properly? They begin asking sincere and qualified questions! (REMEMBER NOT TO ANSWER MORE THAN ONE, NONE PREFERABLY). Immediately pass the interested person to the next exposure.

The next exposure can be many things: an expert/mentor, a 3 way call, a weekly briefing, a sizzle call, a recorded call, a CD, a training session, a website, an at home presentation, etc. Basically your mission is to get them to the next event/exposure.

You may be saying “that all sounds excellent but I don’t know how to pique. Don’t worry because I got your back. Here are some sample piques I have used and gotten results with:

– Have you ever thought about how it would be to be in the wealthiest 1 percent?

– Are you open to doubling or replacing your current income?

– If I can show you a path to financial freedom would you give me 20 minutes of your time?

– Have you ever known anyone who earns passive income?

– Would you like to get more tax benefits by owning a home based business?

– Can you do me a huge favor? Who do you know that wants to make some supplemental income?

– Who do you know that likes to travel and go on vacation?

NOTE: Silence is power! Do NOT say a word until after they answer you first!!!

After they answer or start asking questions you want to pass them to the next exposure immediately. Make sure you edify the next exposure and get them to it as soon as possible.

Now before I wrap this training up, you’ve heard me mention “exposures” a couple times so let me explain the sequence of exposures a prospect ALWAYS goes through before he/she signs up. It goes like this: Orientation, Information, and Confirmation. Orientation is the first-second exposure. They are just getting introduced and familiarized with your company and opportunity. The Information phase comes next and can last a while, depending on the prospect. Some personality types like to analyze the heck out of something before they get in while others do not care so much about the data. So do not pressure someone to join before they have gotten enough info. But don’t ever stop offering more data to them because you want them actively engaged in the learning of your company. Once enough info has been attained, the prospect enters the Confirmation phase of exposures. This is where they say yes or no to your opportunity. A common cause of failure is trying to enroll someone before they have properly gone through these three exposure steps.