How to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

It’s insane, more and more people are starting affiliate marketing. The only problem is that almost all of them will fail. Some will invest some money in pay per click and make a small profit, but since they spend $500 to earn a $27 commission, they will pause their ppc campaign after a few weeks. Others will try one or two free advertising method, but it won’t produce results. They will eventually stop after a few months.

What super affiliates do? And how can they earn several thousands of dollars every single month?

I’m sure you think that they have uncovered a hidden secret on the Internet.

No folks.

There is no secret.

1. Mentoring

Super affiliates know what works because they have a mentor. Every big earner on this planet has a mentor. It’s the same online and offline.

Did you know that Warren Buffet was Bill gate’s mentor?

My affiliate marketing mentor also has his own mentor. He is not trying to figure out everything himself.

Do you have a mentor? Do you have someone who is already successful telling you what you need to do to earn more?

If not, you may think about getting one.

2. Mindset

They have a very strong business mindset. Do not think that all their affiliate campaign make their money at the first try. It’s not like they start an AdWords campaign and they are profitable the very same day. They will test and tweak their campaigns for weeks before they try a new one.

When a campaign doesn’t work, they try to find why. They are not afraid to lose a few hundreds dollars to make it work.

3. Affiliate tools

One of the reasons of their success is that they have the right affiliate tools. Tools that are proven to make their business grow.